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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gmail join hands with eBay and PayPal to fight phishing scams

I don’t think there would be any one who has not received a phishing scam in their email account. These scams are haunting email users all over the world. None of us are spared from these unwanted junk mails. A classic example is a message that appears to come from PayPal and attempts to get someone's PayPal password in order to get hold of his or her account. These fraudulent messages often look very official and can fool people into responding with personal information.

Finally, there’s some good news for us. It is Gmail making news now, as they are partnering with eBay and PayPal to fight these scams. Gmail was doing its best to put a red warning label on phishing messages, even though it was hard to be 100% perfect. So, when Gmail used to miss it, few people used to make the slip of providing secured information to the scammers.

Gmail, after working with eBay and PayPal have taken a step closer to stopping all phishing messages from getting delivered in our Gmail accounts. Now, Gmail authenticates any email that claims to come from PayPal or eBay and the important part is that it is rejected, if it fails to verify as actually coming from these sources. That's right - you won't even see the phishing message in your spam folder. There is no matter of filtering happening here. Gmail just won't accept it at all.

It's a brave move that will really help fight phishing. We hope that this will set a good example for other organizations to follow. Over the time more and more email messages will become trustworthy.

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At July 16, 2008 at 3:00 PM , Anonymous Karan Smith said...

It is a great initiative from these guys. We need to fight against the spammers. Expecting more email service providers to join them!


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