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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Google SERP changes revealed

Is SEO changing its focus point to Google? More and more posts and articles are circling around discussions about changes happening with Google. Does this mean Google have already taken monopoly and will play around with world wide web?

However, as it goes we are not left with any choice other than discussing about Google SERP changes. The current scenario or situation in the global web arena demands this.

Reports from various sources suggests that there are differences in huge numbers in results found on Google. For searches performed in the middle of the day, you may get 1 million results. Later in the day, the same search may find 2 million results. This may occur due to querying different datacenters (though that number is pretty large even to me). This might also happen due to capitalization issues.

Another important aspect that needs attention is that few of the indexed pages seems disappearing from the SERP. These pages were previously filtered 4-7 pages deep due to duplicate meta descriptions. This might come back if there are no major changes being done to the site.

Moreover, on page factors of SEO are becoming more relevant as compared to off-page factors. Looking forward to others reporting similar analysis.

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