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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to weather Google storm

Reading from multitude of webmaster forums, will no doubt cause you to wonder how to forecast Google's next move. With many clients on your toe, it's but natural for you to to carry this concern about how optimization can bear fruit.

With frequent changes in Google algorithm it's not a pleasant sight to see your site dancing in the search engine results page. So, how well can you weather shield from unpredictable fluctuation in Google's algorithm.

While there are many strategies you can adopt, let's explore two simple facets:

Befriend Google

Do not consider Google as your nemesis neither try to circumvent around the Google algorithms with unethical practices. Instead, take a long term approach to ensure consistent listing on Google's SERP.

The underlying fact to achieve high ranking is to base your site with quality content, good navigation and appropriate design. The bottom line is to make the site useful for your users by providing quality information and ensure increased customer interaction using web 2.0 techniques. Make use of reliable on-page and off-page techniques to bring your site on the radar of search engines.

Avoid excesses

Webmasters often commit the mistake of flooding the websites with too many SEO tactics. Apply all techniques in moderation, whether it relates to linking, content, tags, keywords density etc. Slow and steady use of all SEO activities is the sure fire way to lead up in the charts of search engines.

Closing thoughts

As an ethical webmaster, know the boundaries of overindulgence and right mix of strategies. Keep away from the “blackhat” techniques and stay firmly with “white hat” for success.

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