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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Harness the power of business blog

Weblogs started as personal journal, has now grown more popular as a powerful business marketing tool. Now, many businesses are merging business blogs along with their static websites to forge two-way conversation with customers. Further, thought leaders are using business blogs to gather feedback and collect market intelligence from prospects.

The only investment for blogging is the time and effort but the benefits outweigh the cost. Personally for me, blogs has enabled me to reach across my audience and meet business partners. How about you? If you haven't leveraged the options this positing would shed some light and reason to start a blog!

Now with millions of business blogs eying for attention, how can you promote your blog with search engines.

How to highlight your blog in SERP:

  • Place Keywords strategically

  • Include relevant links

  • Add Blog widgets

  • Write quality content

  • Update blog regularly with relevant information

Benefits of business blogs

  • Easy and cheap web marketing tool

  • Connects with larger audience

  • Immediate notification through RSS

  • Build Community knowledge center

  • Showcase you knowledge base

  • Acts as a central repository

  • Information resource for customers

In these cash-tight times and tight marketing budgets abound, it's time you take heed of low cost business marketing tools. The need of the hour is to explore new options in online channels, namely business blog. As the saying goes, it's better late than never.

Thank you and happy blogging!!

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