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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sexiest Web Metric - 'Bounce Rate'

Bounce rate, (often confused with exit rate) a term used in web site traffic analysis essentially represents the percentage of single-page visits or visits who "bounce" away to a different site from the landing or entrance page.

Measuring bounce rate is a beautiful way of measuring quality traffic to the website, as it is easily accessible in any web analytics tool. It is a simple and straight forward analysis of the traffic to any website. It gives an accurate picture of what the visitors are interested in or not, for any website.

If the web page is compelling and the visitor can easily understand it, converting visits to goals or leads is an easy task. It is possible to rework on the page if we see tremendous increase in bounce rates. We can understand why the conversion rate is low, if some changes were made during the last few days or weeks by watching a trend of bounce rate.

As in the words of Avinash Kaushik, “Bounce is a Visit level metric. The definition is simple, if there is a Visit (a session technically speaking) with just one page view in it then it is considered a bounce. IE Someone came to your site, saw just one page, did not other action, left your website.”

In order to reduce the bounce rates and increase quality visits to the website, we need to analyze the reasons for the increase in bounce rate and plan accordingly. Once the reasons are diagnosed, we can easily put across plans to make the page more compelling and profitable to the visitor.

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