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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hallelujah - It's Raining links!

Off late I've seen a surge of interest among website owners to chase for links and more links. Yes, it seems like recession is taking the heat on webmasters to focus on the juicy links! Well this idea isn't new, in fact its been around for some time. This process is simple, all it takes is to offer online users some free utility, tool or information and lure then to link to your site. This is known as Link Baiting.

You can compare link baiting to what anglers do to attract prized catch. Similar to attractive baits used by anglers to lure fishes, webmasters use link baiting strategy to get higher ranking in search engines. Sounds easy, but with with millions of sites clamoring for attention, the lure used should be unique and attractive.

Link baiting is an excellent technique to improve the strength of your web page. The more links point to your site, higher your site stand to gain in search ranking. Thus link popularity can have dramatic effect on your site rank gains you good positing in search engine results page.

Now, let's examine the common ideas used to bring in more links:

  • Research report
  • White paper
  • Freebies and gifts
  • An online tool/ calculator
  • Online contests
  • Online widget
  • Small program to help online users

Good luck and happy link baiting!

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