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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

4 SEO Tips to beat the recession

The economic slowdown has definitely brought down the businesses across the globe. But, does that mean that people won't spend or buy? Not necessarily. Customers have just wised up and think twice before spending. They put lots of research before reaching a decision. Studies reveal that Americans conducted 12 billion searches during the last month and Google accounted to about 63% of these searches. People have turned their back on the traditional marketing methods and prefer conducting researches themselves. So, how can you guarantee your brand visibility on search engines?

Here are 4 useful tips to ensure high search engine rankings for your site.

  • Give relevant page titles for your pages. Make sure that you have different titles for different pages.

  • Start a Blog. Blogs help your SEO work in two ways. You can keep updating your website on a daily basis. Search engines love regularly updated content. Blogs also attract links. Linking your websites to other sites is a major step towards high search engine rankings.

  • Use good content with high keyword density on your website.

  • Get started with Social Media Optimization. Make use of the immense marketing potential offered by the social media.

One of the most important things about SEO is that it is a never-ending process. Keep doing the right things and business results will be just around the corner.

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At December 16, 2008 at 7:58 AM , Blogger Mark said...

Let me give you some tips on how to manage SEO on your website.

1. Do the best keyword analysis and select the keywords which has good search volume and should be relevant to your website content.

2. Create content which has good keyword density in it and please make a note that content should be fresh, as google likes fresh content.

3. After creating website, please do focus on Meta tags of your website, which helps you get quick ranking for your targetted keywords.


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