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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Branding - A Key Factor for Google Rankings

This is one of the hot discussions happening in the search marketing industry. It started with Google CEO Eric Schmidt commenting on cleaning up Internet which is a Cesspool referring to the content quality and abundant false information that is existing in it.

He clarified that “Brands are the solution, not the problem...Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.” It is no more the hype that need to be ranked, but if you need to increase the rank, you should improve on the relevance of your content.

Referring to this, it is now Aaron Wall of SEO Book who had come up with a detailed analysis with his own experience since he got into Search Marketing and SEO. He is explaining various aspects right from Florida update and using various findings in the past.

It is not possible to build a brand at once, as the process of brand building is quite time consuming. Other factors that can come into play include use of longtail keywords, relevancy of content and so on. It might be due to the fact that brands will retain unique content, Google is considering branding as the important factor for better search rankings.

Let us research on more aspects of search rankings by giving due consideration to pioneers in search marketing like Eric Schmidt, Aaron Wall and others.

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