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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Video Search Optimization and Search Marketing Strategies

Yes, growing popularity of online videos is the buzzword in today's web scenario. Internet users are watching online video content at a surprisingly higher rate than predicted earlier. Rather, awareness about producing and sharing video have increased globally in the last few years.

Video can be more effective than any other mode of communication. Moreover, it gains more importance in the Internet as the users can comment about the videos they see. The publisher can reply and get in touch with the queries of the user more interactively than in the case of conventional television audience. In order the exploit the current trend of video optimization, you should know few tips and techniques. Few of them are:

  • Have keyword rich transcript and title for your videos
  • Be sure to include 'video' among the keywords, as this will help you in search engine positioning
  • Get referred by others or other websites (Get back links for your video from other websites)
  • If you have more than one video in your website, create a sitemap of all your videos
  • Ensure that you have a keyword friendly URL structure for your video in your website
  • Keep a good thumbnail for your video as it the first thing that a visitor will see when trying to access your video
  • Allow people to submit their comments or feedback, so that you can ensure better quality of your video

So it is going to be an era of online video coming up with video search engines like getting increasing popularity. It is no more just publishing videos in youtube, yahoo or google videos, it is going to be video search optimization.

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