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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RSS Feeds and its relevance on SEO

RSS (Really Simple Syndication and/or Rich Site Summary) Feed is a defined standard based on XML which is used for content distribution. As far as a website or blog is concerned, we will look forward to repeat visitors or regular readers for it. In order to facilitate this and to make the repeat visitors aware of the changes in the website or blog, RSS feeds are used.

RSS feed is basically an XML document with information such as headlines, product descriptions and other forms of fresh content. When the feed is updated, users who have subscribed to it can view the change in their browser without even visiting the website. They can read the changed article from their Feed Reader.

RSS is free and provides an easy way to promote a website or blog and in syndicating content. As fresh content is a key to spider intimacy, these RSS or XML feeds plays a significant role. RSS feeds play right into the basic SEO concept of themed, quality content that is updated regularly.

There are many sites offering RSS feed options nowadays. You can usually identify the feed subscription option as an orange square with a broadcast motif inviting users to subscribe.

There’s an RSS feed button Feeds located on the right side navigation of this blog! Feel free to use it!

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