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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rise of Personalized Search

We have seen the ups and downs of technology and businesses. The experience of modern Internet and information technology has gained much importance during the last decade and is still continuing to rule the world.

It was the era of web 2.0 that dominated over online marketing during the past few years. This is modern day revolution with rapid changes and the latest buzzword is personalized search. The search engines are transforming themselves into more user friendly, targeted and interactive than ever before. The rise of personalized search is very relevant in this context.

It is not just Google this time. Yahoo also joins the bandwagon of personalization. Google's personalized search is already out to the public from the labs and Yahoo with their 'Search Builder'. Yahoo's move gives much competition to search startups like Eurekster, Rollyo and so on, as it gives options to customize the search engines.

Google's personalized search reorders the SERP (search engine results page) based on the history of previous searches, giving more weight to content that is of interest to the user. However you need to sign in with your Gmail account to make use of this.

As the search engines are becoming more competent in finding the right results for its users, it is the user who is on the winning edge. However, it is SEO experts who are in the mode gearing up with more powerful or proactive ways of optimization. On one hand, they benefit from the fact that the users will get multiple results and will ensure quality business. They'll need to get more broad and will have to switch between personalized, local and universal search.

It is nice time coming up for the web enthusiasts, as web world is getting more interesting and focused.

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