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Thursday, March 5, 2009

SalesOnlineWorld Joins Twitter Revolution

No one seems to just wait and watch the revolution that Twitter is getting into. Once you realize that there is a positive revolution building up, you should never hesitate to join that. Yes, after realizing the growing importance of Twitter in todays's Internet, SalesOnlineWorld joined it today.

Twitter has emerged as a revolutionary micro blogging service that has put all others gazing at the tremendous reach it is building up in the world. If the evolution of Internet made the world into a global village, Twitter is making it more smaller with everyone knowing each other.

Terms like 'tweeps', 'tweet' and 'retweet' have already become popular among all. Tweeting is becoming part of daily routine of all the netizens. Twitter matters to all, not because it is popular but because of the people who are on it. When you consider the search marketing industry, you can find search engine gurus like Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land, Aaron Wall of SEO Book, Matt Cutts of Google, Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim, Avinash Kaushik - Analytics Evangelist of Google and so on.

Regular Twitter users are also active in other media, and hence, have a great influence on the Web. Most of the frequent Twitter users are bloggers, podcasters, writers and so on. It is becoming easier and easier to publish content online using Twitter.

We thought that Twitter is giving competition only to social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and others. But, is it trying to compete with Google as well? Lately, Twitter has entered search as well. It is possible to search in Twitter now.

Let us hope for the best in the coming days! Whatever it is, let the people and Internet win for a good cause – reviving the economy and bringing back the glory.

You can follow us on Twitter here!

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At April 3, 2009 at 1:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many companies had joined Twitter Revolution for their online presence and I think SalesOnlineWorld is just another company.


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