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Thursday, July 31, 2008

SEO Process in a glance

SEO has emerged as one of the best search marketing tools available. It is cost effective and if managed diligently brings in solid results. It’s a long process and needs time and efforts. Let’s take a peek at the SEO process.

Website Analysis

The first step to SEO or Search Engine Optimization is to analyze your website. The target audience and the business goals are taken into consideration while analyzing the website.

Find apt keywords

Finding the keywords relevant to your industry is the most important part of SEO. You can form a list of keywords that the prospects will use while searching for your products and services. If you can find a unique keyword that works, it will work wonders for your business. It is also vital to find the right keyword density.

Title Tags, Meta Tags and Alt Tags

SEO is not just about stuffing the website with keywords. You have to craft the right title tags, meta tags and alt tags to target your prospects.

Keep working

SEO is not a one-time process. You need to keep working diligently to get optimum results. The web content has to be updated regularly. SEO is a continuous process and it will bring in solid results in the longer run.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Benefits of Web Analytics

Web analytics tools offer you the chance to measure your online marketing efforts accurately. These tools have revolutionized the way online business is carried out. Here are some of the benefits that web analytics offer you

Measuring and Maximizing ROI

With web analytics tools, we can identify the best pages on your website and the best referral sources. This can help you plan your future efforts better.

Target your efforts

With the latest tracking tools, we can identify the genre of audience searching for your services. This will help you target your marketing audience on the best prospects.

Help Clients

With accurate tracking, we can identify the services that clients are looking for. By providing this information directly, we can make their task easier.

Optimize Conversions

With the help of web analysis, you can get the best out of your website and convert more leads to deals.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Benefits of Business Blogs

Blogs are fast becoming the face of industry houses globally. They offer an easy option to interact with the clients. Here are some of the many benefits that business blogs offer you.

Easy and Inexpensive

The words easy and inexpensive attract every business manager! A blog is very easy to setup and it doesn’t cost you much. When you look at the benefits that blogs offer, it is a definite win-win situation for all.

Search Engine Friendly

Blogs offer you the chance to get on top of the search engine rankings. Search engine crawlers prefer regularly updated web content to stagnant content. You also get the option to stuff more keywords in the blogs.

Highly Interactive

The blogs offer you a chance to interact with your clients and vise-versa. This helps in building stronger customer relationships.

Better Customer Service

Blogs also give another platform for customers to interact directly with you. This reduces the number of complaint calls and mails.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gmail join hands with eBay and PayPal to fight phishing scams

I don’t think there would be any one who has not received a phishing scam in their email account. These scams are haunting email users all over the world. None of us are spared from these unwanted junk mails. A classic example is a message that appears to come from PayPal and attempts to get someone's PayPal password in order to get hold of his or her account. These fraudulent messages often look very official and can fool people into responding with personal information.

Finally, there’s some good news for us. It is Gmail making news now, as they are partnering with eBay and PayPal to fight these scams. Gmail was doing its best to put a red warning label on phishing messages, even though it was hard to be 100% perfect. So, when Gmail used to miss it, few people used to make the slip of providing secured information to the scammers.

Gmail, after working with eBay and PayPal have taken a step closer to stopping all phishing messages from getting delivered in our Gmail accounts. Now, Gmail authenticates any email that claims to come from PayPal or eBay and the important part is that it is rejected, if it fails to verify as actually coming from these sources. That's right - you won't even see the phishing message in your spam folder. There is no matter of filtering happening here. Gmail just won't accept it at all.

It's a brave move that will really help fight phishing. We hope that this will set a good example for other organizations to follow. Over the time more and more email messages will become trustworthy.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Independence Day offers flooding the nation

As patriotism is at its peak and the historic event of US Independence Day is only few hours away, offers from various companies are flooding the market.

232nd Independence Day of United States of America may not be of great importance for many people in other countries. However, it is of significance to any American round the globe.

It is a time for expressing gratitude to the unity of our nation and also a time of celebration for all citizens and service providers. Some companies like have come up with appending 200 email addresses for free and companies like are offering 40% discount on all pre-packaged lists.

It is great to see that even SalesOnlineWorld have come up with their Independence Day free offer for Pay per click campaign. Even though the free campaign is offered for a month and is limited, it would help many companies to try out with sponsored listings.

Great Initiative! Cheers to all!

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