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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time for New Year Resolution

Its time for new year resolution. Have you identified your resolution for making the business more profitable? Is it Search Marketing? Or is it some other unique marketing technique?

If you already have search marketing efforts on for your site, do you wish to make changes to your tactics and techniques? It’s worth planning your SEO resolutions for 2009. I think we need to think out of the box to use and exploit all the available options online. It does not matter for thinking of a resolution whether it is SEO, PPC, Website Analytics, Local Search Optimization, Web Development or Content Writing Solutions.

We need to understand the trends and plan accordingly to make our business website more effective. We may decide to make our SEO efforts more fruitful with precise plan as far as the site structure is concerned. This will ensure more visibility of specific sections of the site. It will be advisable if we go for a recheck of our content and number of back links. Quality of content and back links matter a lot in today's Internet world.

We have to make use of all the available trends that of article marketing, forums, Digg, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks to get more exposure and visibility to the website.

As the competition is getting tougher and algorithmic loopholes of search engines are disappearing , its high time for a decision on total renovation to your marketing efforts.

What are you waiting for? Start planning right away!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Enjoy the Holidays, plan for New Year!!

There were no much expectations for the 2008 Holiday time before the economy tumbled. Isn't it even worse now or rather better now? However, you and your customers still have to make the best of things, so search marketing is here to help.

Companies and corporates are looking for better alternatives to tackle this situation. When times are tough, it's even more important that you spend your marketing dollars efficiently.

Search marketing companies including SalesOnlineWorld have come out with exciting offers and it has been doing great as confirmed from official sources. Free SEO and PPC offers have been giving boost to the companies current financial situation as well as to the economy as a whole. Any business would love to try out alternatives with higher ROI to overcome the recession. Why don't you give a try for these offers?

It is time to celebrate with your family and enjoy the holidays. At the same time, why don't you plan for a better 2009 with these free offers?

Anyways, enjoy the best this holiday season and plan your new year for a better tomorrow.

Greetings from me and the entire team of SalesOnlineWorld. Cheers!!!!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is “Google Dance” happening now?

"Google Dance" is the term that in the past was used to describe the ups and downs during the period that a major index update of Google search engine gets implemented. The Google database exists on many servers spread throughout the world. A large update of the Google databases can take several days. This happens in case of organic or free listings and not for sponsored or paid listings.

A Google dance is when the Google servers are out of sync with one another. Your web site could be the #2 result for your main keywords on one Google server, and the #9 result on another.

Since August 2003, the famous / infamous Google Dance is no more. Rather, it has become less dramatic. Google now performs updates every week, with most movement occurring on Mondays. These ongoing updates feature mostly minor search algorithm and index updates. Hence, it does happen even now.

There will be minor changes in rankings each month. This is because Google's bot or spider is always running and looking for new updates in the web. It also happens because the bot may have detected that a website no longer exists, and needs to be deleted from the index of Google.

At the time of dance, Google spiders will revisit each website, figure out how many sites link to it, and how many it links out to, and how valuable these links are.

Hence, let us sharpen our Search Engine Optimization efforts on a regular basis to match up with regular updates and changes to Google search algorithm. This will in turn help in mastering over the search results (SERP).

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hallelujah - It's Raining links!

Off late I've seen a surge of interest among website owners to chase for links and more links. Yes, it seems like recession is taking the heat on webmasters to focus on the juicy links! Well this idea isn't new, in fact its been around for some time. This process is simple, all it takes is to offer online users some free utility, tool or information and lure then to link to your site. This is known as Link Baiting.

You can compare link baiting to what anglers do to attract prized catch. Similar to attractive baits used by anglers to lure fishes, webmasters use link baiting strategy to get higher ranking in search engines. Sounds easy, but with with millions of sites clamoring for attention, the lure used should be unique and attractive.

Link baiting is an excellent technique to improve the strength of your web page. The more links point to your site, higher your site stand to gain in search ranking. Thus link popularity can have dramatic effect on your site rank gains you good positing in search engine results page.

Now, let's examine the common ideas used to bring in more links:

  • Research report
  • White paper
  • Freebies and gifts
  • An online tool/ calculator
  • Online contests
  • Online widget
  • Small program to help online users

Good luck and happy link baiting!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

4 SEO Tips to beat the recession

The economic slowdown has definitely brought down the businesses across the globe. But, does that mean that people won't spend or buy? Not necessarily. Customers have just wised up and think twice before spending. They put lots of research before reaching a decision. Studies reveal that Americans conducted 12 billion searches during the last month and Google accounted to about 63% of these searches. People have turned their back on the traditional marketing methods and prefer conducting researches themselves. So, how can you guarantee your brand visibility on search engines?

Here are 4 useful tips to ensure high search engine rankings for your site.

  • Give relevant page titles for your pages. Make sure that you have different titles for different pages.

  • Start a Blog. Blogs help your SEO work in two ways. You can keep updating your website on a daily basis. Search engines love regularly updated content. Blogs also attract links. Linking your websites to other sites is a major step towards high search engine rankings.

  • Use good content with high keyword density on your website.

  • Get started with Social Media Optimization. Make use of the immense marketing potential offered by the social media.

One of the most important things about SEO is that it is a never-ending process. Keep doing the right things and business results will be just around the corner.

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