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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Harness the power of business blog

Weblogs started as personal journal, has now grown more popular as a powerful business marketing tool. Now, many businesses are merging business blogs along with their static websites to forge two-way conversation with customers. Further, thought leaders are using business blogs to gather feedback and collect market intelligence from prospects.

The only investment for blogging is the time and effort but the benefits outweigh the cost. Personally for me, blogs has enabled me to reach across my audience and meet business partners. How about you? If you haven't leveraged the options this positing would shed some light and reason to start a blog!

Now with millions of business blogs eying for attention, how can you promote your blog with search engines.

How to highlight your blog in SERP:

  • Place Keywords strategically

  • Include relevant links

  • Add Blog widgets

  • Write quality content

  • Update blog regularly with relevant information

Benefits of business blogs

  • Easy and cheap web marketing tool

  • Connects with larger audience

  • Immediate notification through RSS

  • Build Community knowledge center

  • Showcase you knowledge base

  • Acts as a central repository

  • Information resource for customers

In these cash-tight times and tight marketing budgets abound, it's time you take heed of low cost business marketing tools. The need of the hour is to explore new options in online channels, namely business blog. As the saying goes, it's better late than never.

Thank you and happy blogging!!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to weather Google storm

Reading from multitude of webmaster forums, will no doubt cause you to wonder how to forecast Google's next move. With many clients on your toe, it's but natural for you to to carry this concern about how optimization can bear fruit.

With frequent changes in Google algorithm it's not a pleasant sight to see your site dancing in the search engine results page. So, how well can you weather shield from unpredictable fluctuation in Google's algorithm.

While there are many strategies you can adopt, let's explore two simple facets:

Befriend Google

Do not consider Google as your nemesis neither try to circumvent around the Google algorithms with unethical practices. Instead, take a long term approach to ensure consistent listing on Google's SERP.

The underlying fact to achieve high ranking is to base your site with quality content, good navigation and appropriate design. The bottom line is to make the site useful for your users by providing quality information and ensure increased customer interaction using web 2.0 techniques. Make use of reliable on-page and off-page techniques to bring your site on the radar of search engines.

Avoid excesses

Webmasters often commit the mistake of flooding the websites with too many SEO tactics. Apply all techniques in moderation, whether it relates to linking, content, tags, keywords density etc. Slow and steady use of all SEO activities is the sure fire way to lead up in the charts of search engines.

Closing thoughts

As an ethical webmaster, know the boundaries of overindulgence and right mix of strategies. Keep away from the “blackhat” techniques and stay firmly with “white hat” for success.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Drop in Google PageRank : Bad links or new algorithm

All went well for our website until one fine day we found to our dismay that our PageRank has dipped from 7 to 5. We pondered on what possibly could go wrong with our site. On querying further on the swings in Google PageRank, I found that many others share the same cup of woes.

Delving deeper into the heart of Google PageRank , I found that many factors play a role in PageRank. For the benefit of folks, I post the three main reasons and how you can insulate from such rude shocks.

Low Page Rank/link popularity:

Link from quality websites to your site can fetch high PageRank. If your site's PageRank depends on one major site link then any changes in that site can adversely effect your page rank.

Solution: Diversify or create multiple links with smaller sites so the loss from one will not effect the PageRank in a major way.

Change in the Search Engine Ranking Algorithm:

Search engines regularly modify the page rank algorithms. Changes to algorithms are done to improve the search capabilities and to remove sites using “black hat” techniques to get ahead in SERP. Google usually makes changes all through the year and other search engines like Yahoo follows bi-yearly pattern.

Solution: One of the accepted way to fight changes in algorithm is to focus your site on your customer needs. Provide quality content and base your website on sound usability principles.

Bad Bad Neighbors, wrong links:

While Google rewards sites with good number outbound links, it can also penalize sites for the wrong choice of bad outbound links. Outbound links to sites practicing unethical SEO techniques can invite penalty or it can result in loss of index with search engines.

Solution: Keep a safe distance with sites low on the rungs of reputation. Tread with caution when you create outbound links. Similar to our social network, check the site's reputation before you collaborate with an unknown site.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Google SERP changes revealed

Is SEO changing its focus point to Google? More and more posts and articles are circling around discussions about changes happening with Google. Does this mean Google have already taken monopoly and will play around with world wide web?

However, as it goes we are not left with any choice other than discussing about Google SERP changes. The current scenario or situation in the global web arena demands this.

Reports from various sources suggests that there are differences in huge numbers in results found on Google. For searches performed in the middle of the day, you may get 1 million results. Later in the day, the same search may find 2 million results. This may occur due to querying different datacenters (though that number is pretty large even to me). This might also happen due to capitalization issues.

Another important aspect that needs attention is that few of the indexed pages seems disappearing from the SERP. These pages were previously filtered 4-7 pages deep due to duplicate meta descriptions. This might come back if there are no major changes being done to the site.

Moreover, on page factors of SEO are becoming more relevant as compared to off-page factors. Looking forward to others reporting similar analysis.

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