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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Branding - A Key Factor for Google Rankings

This is one of the hot discussions happening in the search marketing industry. It started with Google CEO Eric Schmidt commenting on cleaning up Internet which is a Cesspool referring to the content quality and abundant false information that is existing in it.

He clarified that “Brands are the solution, not the problem...Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.” It is no more the hype that need to be ranked, but if you need to increase the rank, you should improve on the relevance of your content.

Referring to this, it is now Aaron Wall of SEO Book who had come up with a detailed analysis with his own experience since he got into Search Marketing and SEO. He is explaining various aspects right from Florida update and using various findings in the past.

It is not possible to build a brand at once, as the process of brand building is quite time consuming. Other factors that can come into play include use of longtail keywords, relevancy of content and so on. It might be due to the fact that brands will retain unique content, Google is considering branding as the important factor for better search rankings.

Let us research on more aspects of search rankings by giving due consideration to pioneers in search marketing like Eric Schmidt, Aaron Wall and others.

Please share your comments!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Video Search Optimization and Search Marketing Strategies

Yes, growing popularity of online videos is the buzzword in today's web scenario. Internet users are watching online video content at a surprisingly higher rate than predicted earlier. Rather, awareness about producing and sharing video have increased globally in the last few years.

Video can be more effective than any other mode of communication. Moreover, it gains more importance in the Internet as the users can comment about the videos they see. The publisher can reply and get in touch with the queries of the user more interactively than in the case of conventional television audience. In order the exploit the current trend of video optimization, you should know few tips and techniques. Few of them are:

  • Have keyword rich transcript and title for your videos
  • Be sure to include 'video' among the keywords, as this will help you in search engine positioning
  • Get referred by others or other websites (Get back links for your video from other websites)
  • If you have more than one video in your website, create a sitemap of all your videos
  • Ensure that you have a keyword friendly URL structure for your video in your website
  • Keep a good thumbnail for your video as it the first thing that a visitor will see when trying to access your video
  • Allow people to submit their comments or feedback, so that you can ensure better quality of your video

So it is going to be an era of online video coming up with video search engines like getting increasing popularity. It is no more just publishing videos in youtube, yahoo or google videos, it is going to be video search optimization.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are you in LOVE with Google?

I have always wondered to find an answer to this question. I have asked the same with many of my friends. I think more or less the answer from all of us will be 'Yes'.

If you need to know if you are in love with someone, you need to know how much you miss him or her when he/she is away from you. Can you ever think of waking up on a morning and accessing the web without Google? In this case, I am sure, you will miss Google badly.

This explains our love for Google. We can't imagine to live without it. Google has become a path of life for most of the people across the globe. At this time of financial crisis, not only individuals, even small and big companies are loving Google. SEO and search marketing is getting popularity and becoming one of the best alternatives for any kind of business affected by recession. Google is adding fuel to their need for more business and SEO experts are helping them out to achieve their objectives.

We are glad to know about few updates from Google. Personalized search is getting more and more better. New features are getting updated for all Google products on a regular basis. Google is getting into many more functional areas and getting ready to rule the world.

There might come a situation, when youngsters are asked about their valentine and their answer will be Google. In this context, let us celebrate this Valentine's Day!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rise of Personalized Search

We have seen the ups and downs of technology and businesses. The experience of modern Internet and information technology has gained much importance during the last decade and is still continuing to rule the world.

It was the era of web 2.0 that dominated over online marketing during the past few years. This is modern day revolution with rapid changes and the latest buzzword is personalized search. The search engines are transforming themselves into more user friendly, targeted and interactive than ever before. The rise of personalized search is very relevant in this context.

It is not just Google this time. Yahoo also joins the bandwagon of personalization. Google's personalized search is already out to the public from the labs and Yahoo with their 'Search Builder'. Yahoo's move gives much competition to search startups like Eurekster, Rollyo and so on, as it gives options to customize the search engines.

Google's personalized search reorders the SERP (search engine results page) based on the history of previous searches, giving more weight to content that is of interest to the user. However you need to sign in with your Gmail account to make use of this.

As the search engines are becoming more competent in finding the right results for its users, it is the user who is on the winning edge. However, it is SEO experts who are in the mode gearing up with more powerful or proactive ways of optimization. On one hand, they benefit from the fact that the users will get multiple results and will ensure quality business. They'll need to get more broad and will have to switch between personalized, local and universal search.

It is nice time coming up for the web enthusiasts, as web world is getting more interesting and focused.

Please do share your comments!

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